The Towers at the Edge of All

Into Shole and the White Tower Pt 1

Three Adventurers enter the town of Shole. Gawain Forthwright, Matsuda Katsumoto, Viserys Farseek, took survey of the town, with Viserys quickly choosing to enter The Phoenix Forge. He quickly became enchanted with the young Vesta. After his companions reserved rooms for themselves at The Tiger’s Tooth Inn, the met for drinks and a meal at The Turtle’s Lake. Viserys himself scored a heavy drink from Gawain, but this proved to be folly with Viserya hitting the floor, while Gawain had Milk (Whole milk, apparently) and Matsuda drinking orange juice (with pulp!).

Viserys managed to wake himself and make it to sit at the bar in time to greet Vesta, who he proceeded to chat with. Off to the side, the the Bartender, Tible challenged Gawain to see how well he could stand alcohol. Matsuda took this as a cue to rise to the call to turn this into a drink off. However, Gawain passed out very quickly at only the second round.

Pulling themselves from their hung over state in the morning and over to The Dragon’s Wisdom, they quickly bought curatives for their pounding headaches, and then proceeded to enter The White Tower of the West. Stepping inside, they where greeted by a three Small Lightning Elementals and a Medium Air Elemental. After felling the Small Lightning Elementals, the Medium Air Elemental proceeded to summon up another of its kind as well as produce 3 more Small Lightning Elementals.

This won’t be good…


That second round was Lysol! Any anyway, all this means is I know for sure that I can’t hold my drink. Gawain’s really wishing he’d thought to find a bookworm in the last town…

ManOfTheDragons ManOfTheDragons

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