The Towers at the Edge of All


The sky isn't high enough for the limit.

Nestled deep in the mountains of LeRange sits the town of Shole. This was once a town full of great wealth, prosperity, and happiness. The reason for this is because it is known for its 4 towers called “The Towers at the Edge of All”. Adventurers would come to the towers to seek fame and fortune. And they found it.

But all good things do not last, as the wealth of the towers seemed to be bled dry. Before long, the Adventurers left, leaving the town a shadow of its former glory. However, one day, 15 years after the boom town declined, a man came out of the northern tower. He cried that he had made it to the top of the tower, which was a feat thought impossible and a trial long since abandoned by the masses.

He had entered 16 years ago with a group of 7 other Adventurers, but they were thought to have fled in the night, be lost in the tower, or most likely dead. He told of a great and mighty beast at the top of the tower who said that the true treasures of the towers had thus been unlocked now that top had been reached.

Soon after, the man perished, mumbling about finally joining his companions. However, the words of a dying man mostly fell on deaf ears as many dismissed it as rumors of a madman or the ramblings of a coward to excuse his own actions. However, a small group has decided that this may be their ticket to fame and glory, and is at least worth a shot…right?


ManOfTheDragons ManOfTheDragons

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