The Towers at the Edge of All

White Tower Pt 2, Blue Tower Pt 1,...And then White Tower Pt 2

The destruction of the Air and Lightning elementals went better then expected as they were quickly eliminated. And so were the two Weretigers on the on the second floor, though not before infecting everyone in the party. Deciding it was time to go back and rest, the party left the tower and headed back to town.

Gawain and Matsuda both knew they were infected and received treatment for the Zooanthropy from Rio. However, Viserys chose to ignore the wound and visited Vesta, who quickly dragged him off to get healed up and diagnosed. Deciding to stick with it, Viserys must keep it a secret from Gawain and Matsuda, for fear that they may kill him.

Ending up in the bar, and ending up trashed, Viserys got the courage to ask Vesta out, and she accepted. Much to Gawain and Matsuda’s disappointment.

The next day, after Gawain and Matsuda bought master work tarps (for some reason), the White tower proved to be a bust, in terms of trying to enter, so they asked Mystic Writter how they would get in. Being told that once you exit a tower, you have to enter another, they tried to dip in and out of the Blue tower, but felt compelled to stay.

Once in, they were attacked by Water and Ice elementals, who moved and shifted together, eventually ending up with a large Ice elemental. With much difficulty in keeping themselves from drowning, Gawain and Matsuda finished off the large Ice elemental.

Found in the corner of the floor was a katana. The Azure Fang. Now in Matsuda’s possession, and after a night of rest (after a drinking contest between Matsuda and Gawain, leading to Gawain’s loss, again), Viserys received a gift from Vesta, and they entered the third floor of the White Tower. Waiting for them was 3 Forest Drakes. After dodging their vile acid, the party still made short work of them and felled the beasts before dragging them back, along with their treasure hoard.

After selling the treasure and the dragon parts, the party received a boon of money as well as Gawain ordering a shield made of the Drake skin. Now equipped with a Flying Carpet (Or Tarpet…which is totally rad), they are hopefully better equipped to deal with whatever else comes at them.

Into Shole and the White Tower Pt 1

Three Adventurers enter the town of Shole. Gawain Forthwright, Matsuda Katsumoto, Viserys Farseek, took survey of the town, with Viserys quickly choosing to enter The Phoenix Forge. He quickly became enchanted with the young Vesta. After his companions reserved rooms for themselves at The Tiger’s Tooth Inn, the met for drinks and a meal at The Turtle’s Lake. Viserys himself scored a heavy drink from Gawain, but this proved to be folly with Viserya hitting the floor, while Gawain had Milk (Whole milk, apparently) and Matsuda drinking orange juice (with pulp!).

Viserys managed to wake himself and make it to sit at the bar in time to greet Vesta, who he proceeded to chat with. Off to the side, the the Bartender, Tible challenged Gawain to see how well he could stand alcohol. Matsuda took this as a cue to rise to the call to turn this into a drink off. However, Gawain passed out very quickly at only the second round.

Pulling themselves from their hung over state in the morning and over to The Dragon’s Wisdom, they quickly bought curatives for their pounding headaches, and then proceeded to enter The White Tower of the West. Stepping inside, they where greeted by a three Small Lightning Elementals and a Medium Air Elemental. After felling the Small Lightning Elementals, the Medium Air Elemental proceeded to summon up another of its kind as well as produce 3 more Small Lightning Elementals.

This won’t be good…

The sky isn't high enough for the limit.

Nestled deep in the mountains of LeRange sits the town of Shole. This was once a town full of great wealth, prosperity, and happiness. The reason for this is because it is known for its 4 towers called “The Towers at the Edge of All”. Adventurers would come to the towers to seek fame and fortune. And they found it.

But all good things do not last, as the wealth of the towers seemed to be bled dry. Before long, the Adventurers left, leaving the town a shadow of its former glory. However, one day, 15 years after the boom town declined, a man came out of the northern tower. He cried that he had made it to the top of the tower, which was a feat thought impossible and a trial long since abandoned by the masses.

He had entered 16 years ago with a group of 7 other Adventurers, but they were thought to have fled in the night, be lost in the tower, or most likely dead. He told of a great and mighty beast at the top of the tower who said that the true treasures of the towers had thus been unlocked now that top had been reached.

Soon after, the man perished, mumbling about finally joining his companions. However, the words of a dying man mostly fell on deaf ears as many dismissed it as rumors of a madman or the ramblings of a coward to excuse his own actions. However, a small group has decided that this may be their ticket to fame and glory, and is at least worth a shot…right?


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